Weaving blankets on the Rio Grande

Since 1985, Bob Davis has been raising Navajo-Churro sheep on his small farm on the banks of the Rio Grande, New Mexico. He is a hand spinner and weaver, makes his own tools, built his own loom. He weaves Rio Grande style blankets (a weft-faced, striped blanket), on a European-style floor loom.

As a founding member of the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association, Bob was at the table when the Navajo-Churro name was chosen and the breed standards were developed. He has been breeding his flock of Navajo-Churro sheep for fast wool growth (so the wool does not stay on the animal too long, getting sunburned), high luster, absence of kemp (a brittle fiber that is not wool and does not take dye), minimal hair, no crimp, and of course, animals with good strong bodies and form.

Watch the documentary An Unbroken Thread: Wool and Weaving in New Mexico  

Bob is a grand master of growing clean, silky, Navajo-Churro fleeces. Contact him if you need some really great wool or first class breeding stock.