Robert T Davis, “Bob”, is an all-around artist. He builds large kinetic metal sculptures; spins the wool from his sheep and weaves with the yarn;  makes linoleum block prints, and makes hand-stamped, tin frames for those prints; paints in acrylic and oils; and designs and builds furniture.

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The latest

NEWS! A sculpture completed in September 2022, titled IMPACT, is in the form of a crashed flying saucer. 

IMPACT has been selected as a finalist by the Southwest Artists Series Purchase Initiative, and is therefore in final pool of artwork shown to local selection committees in New Mexico for purchase consideration toward public art projects.

Niner Echo Xray

2018, Santa Fe Institute, Main Campus,
Santa Fe NM

Moon Shot

2020, Art in Public Places, Municipal Recreation Complex, Santa Fe NM


Spaceship, 2019.

Bob has a YouTube channel with a selection of videos showing a variety of his antics and machinations.

View videos and subscribe to the RTDavis Artist YouTube Channel.

Contact The Artist

You can reach Bob Davis via Facebook Messenger, or email rtdavisartist@gmail.com